Parkes and Dubbo

The Autumn colours in Orange were as spectacular as ever. The central district of NSW are enjoying a better season than southern areas.

Following many requests we  are looking at taking my knitwear range to Parkes and Dubbo. We have found suitable venues in both towns and are planning to organise a day in each town towards the end of June.  We enjoy our trips through rural Australia and are always open to suggestions of selling days in new areas.

This rainbow appeared over Mudgee after a very nice fall (25ml) on the day we arrived so the seasonal prospects are good.  We enjoyed a beautiful dinner at Isabella's restaurant, 52 Market Street.  Definitely the place to dine, you can byo some of Mudgee's famous wines.

Juliet Horsley's wonderful homeware and gift shop is definitely worth a visit. She has a great eye for the unusual and I seldom come away empty handed.

Caroline and Al