The Owl and the Pussycat

The Owl and the Pussycat wanted to see

How much they could fit in their boat

For when it tuned cold as the weather foretold

They might need a jumper or coat


They looked on the web which very soon led

To some jumpers and jackets divine

Cardigans too, to whit and to woo

All those customers searching on line


"Here's a very smart hat" said the owl to the cat

"And a cardigan longer than most

Some with buttons, or a zip, on our little ship

We'll look hip as we sail down the coast"


The pussycat said "You need something red"

To the owl whooo was after a vest

"There's one in Rata, that's just what you're after

Wings free while it covers your chest"


And the mischievous cat had selected a hat

While purring and talking in whispers

"That will cause a stir, it'll go with your fur"

Said the owl "And it matches your whiskers"


So they looked and they picked and then started to click

And before they were due to set sail

Some clothing so fine from this Caroline

Had promptly arrived in the mail

 Alistair Gleeson         To be continued