The Owl and the Pussycat, Episode 2

So the Owl and the Pussycat boarded their boat

In all of their finery

And they were the smartest things afloat

As far as the eye could see


Speeches were made and wharfage was paid

The gathering threw lots of streamers

But such was the stir that these two had made

There were bound to be plotters and schemers


There was some chat about things that don't matter

And some comments were really quite petty

But the cat and the bird had inspired the herd

Before they had cleared the jetty


The corgi and horse were quite jealous of course

They often had trouble with fitting

Either low to the ground or up near the clouds

Sometimes they would do their own knitting


To compete with the bird and the cat they did plot

And though they were known to be frugal

They went straight to the top, possum, cashmere, the lot

And typed them all in to Google


A website appeared and the corgi then said

"It's the best range of knitwear we'll find

There's jumpers in black and ponchos in red

This big one will hide your behind"


"You're one to talk" said the horse with a snort

"I know I need something much smaller

Here's one for you, it's got stripes and it's blue

And could make even you appear taller"


But advice from a friend can be right in the end

And the end can be big on a filly

And when she is trackside you won't see her backside

It's under that poncho, you silly


And although she was round and quite close to the ground

The corgi looked positively regal

In a lovely blue hue and stripes which she knew

Made her look just as tall as a beagle

Alistair Gleeson