There was movement at the front door all these boxes did appear

In the middle of some record breaking heat

"If you can sell a possum jumper now," I said, "My dear

Then you could sell a millipede some feet"


But one thing I have learnt from forty years of farming

When the weather swings too far away from average

When it swings the other way it can be really quite alarming

So when the cold arrives it will be savage


It will take about a week for us to sort and photograph

These possums and a range of skivvies too

If it's the newest vest or jacket, gloves or keyhole scarf

There will be something here that's right for you


The rooms are booked, our days are set, they're up there in the menu

But shop here on this website if you can

Your chosen garment may be gone before we reach your venue

And I'll never fit the lot into the van

Alistair Gleeson