Five reasons to shop on my website

To all new visitors - Welcome to my website!  Here are five good reasons to look for and buy your knitwear here.

1. Quality. I source all stock from New Zealand and Australia.

2. Experience.  I have been selling knitwear for 26 years across six States and Territories to thousands of customers and my enthusiasm and dedication to serve your needs has never been stronger. 

3. You can talk to me. 


Call me on 0407 345 242 to discuss your preferences. Whether its colours, sizes or styles.  Just yesterday in response to a phone enquiry I ordered a new garment from the manufacturer.  This was a style and colour I hadn't stocked but will now.

4.You can buy from the website or, if you prefer, over the phone from me.  After 26 years I have many customers who prefer to shop this way.

5. We take multiple photos of every garment, not just one colour on a model and then a mosaic of colour squares in the corner of the page.  You can get a better look at your garment on this website.

Here's another good reason - this year's range is fabulous, it's nearly all here now and available on this website.  There is some more gorgeous Possum Knitwear arriving soon and when it's all photographed will be on the website.

Happy shopping!