October has come around so quickly.  We thoroughly enjoyed catching up with you all during this year's selling season here in Australia, it was our busiest ever.  In September we had a chance to see some AFL football at the mighty Melbourne Cricket Ground, keeping warm in my possum jacket and hat, of course!

Winter is over down under but all the northern lands are preparing for the cold to return.  Fortunately New Zealand Wool/Possum knitwear is here, on this website, to protect you from the worst of the cold..  In fact it not only keeps you warm but looks and feels great.  I only stock the best quality knitwear, made in New Zealand, and I do not accept payment for website purchases until I actually post the order.

We have also seen the 2018 ranges of both fine wool and wool/possum knitwear.  There are some lovely new styles and colours and it is always exciting to plan for another year.

For those travelling overseas for a white Christmas, or looking for the perfect gift for someone over there, possum socks, gloves and scarves are just the thing. 

Call me on 0407 345 242 if you need more or different sizes and colours.