Six days down, five more added

The Gables, April 10 - a lovely old venue in which to display knitwear.

Tomorrow we leave for Benalla and Mansfield.  It is 21 years since our first day at Benalla and 16 since commencing at Mansfield.  In Benalla we used to set up in the old Court House where Net Kelly was tried, but now it is in the very spacious and comfortable Raffety's reception centre with Con and Jan.

6 days down when only 5 shown on the schedule?  That's because we had a wonderful day at a private venue which could not be advertised publicly. 

"We had such a delightful day yesterday and several people I have seen today have remarked on the enjoyable time they had choosing a garment (or two)"

We are more than happy to bring our range of knitwear to your venue, fully advertised or discreetly private.  We have scheduled a further run of 5 sale days in NSW at Young, Trangie, Nyngan and up to Toowoomba in Queensland, and one private day.

Before then, of course, we will be in Wagga Wagga, Mudgee, Orange, Bathurst and 3 days in Canberra.  It must be colder than last Autumn because the possum knitwear is very popular earlier than normal and we have just placed a big order for new stock.

Looking forward to seeing you over the next few weeks

Caroline and Al